Five-word Fashion Week: Paris SS17

By Elle.


Scrolling through Instagram during Paris Fashion Week should come with a health warning. I’m thinking something along the lines of: JEALOUSY KILLS – BEWARE RISING FOMO LEVELS. Then, just like fag packets, there would be a suitably terrifying accompanying picture (no filter): me, cramming Tesco Value tortilla chips into my mouth as I quietly seethe, pyjama-clad and alone.

A few months ago, I was on holiday in Paris with my best friend. Through some sort of wonderful stroke of fate, we stumbled across Couture Week in Le Jardins Des Tuileries. We positively gaped, still as statues, in complete silence, for a solid 40 minutes as other-worldly models and very, very rich people left the show. Composing ourselves as the last people left, and the paps scattered, I looked down at my outfit despondently. I’d rather liked it when we left our Air BnB that morning, but suddenly it was mercilessly pedestrian. But then who ever goes to Paris to have their self-esteem enlarged, eh?

And with that, I bring you the best of PFW SS17. Tortilla chips optional. You’re welcome.

Here are just ten of the hundreds and thousands of covetable looks spawned from PFW over the last seven days. Five catwalk. Five street style. Five words. Oh, and a pair of boots you’d sell your granny for…


YSL – Cut. Print. Colour. Everything – perfection.


ISABEL MARANT – I would marry this dress.


DIOR – Dior’s new girl done good.


BALMAIN – Kim Kardashian meets Jungle Book.


GIVENCHY – What the cool girl wore.


GIOVANNA BATTAGLIA – Fashion should always be fun.


ALEXANDRA LAPP – Like real-life Carrie Bradshaw.


UKNOWN – Give me those boots, gurl.


UNKNOWN – Why not? You’re in Paris.



She came, she slayed, she conquered. She completely owned her front row seat, and I genuinely looked forward to seeing what she would wear to every show. We need women like her in fashion. Shame her week came to such a shitty end.



Louis Vuitton has created my dream boot. Now let us all pray the High Street imitates the shit out of them. I need at least six colour variations.