Five-Word Fashion: The Golden Globes

By Elle.

Hallelujah. Awards season is upon us and we can finally distract ourselves from the misery of January by looking at beautiful skinny people in outfits that cost more than our flat. Here are my fave five from the Golden Globes, in five words.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Well played, touching sartorial tribute.


Chrissy Teigan

Love her. Love this look.

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Millie Bobby Brown

Spot on for her age.

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Olivia Culpo

Too beautiful to look at.

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Blake Lively

Pockets. It has actual pockets.


Re-style Required

The red carpet was distinctly void of any absolute clangers, but several meh ensembles. I’ll take clangers any day. Case in point is Sienna Miller, whose stylist is crowed winner of the Nice-Dress-Bad-Execution award. This look is crying out for a red lip and sleek side-chignon. And they should’ve ditched the pearls.

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