5 Things We Talked About This Week

By Emilie. Here are our hot topics of the week…

1) The Golden Globes. Some people liked the all black dress code, some people didn’t – hello, woman in the red dress. Us? We thought it was pretty damn breathtaking and visibly demonstrated how powerful women can be if they all stand together.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 18.55.21

P.S. In a sorry-not-sorry-sidebar-of-shame kind of way, we also loved Dakota Johnson sneaking a look at Angelina ignoring Jennifer Aniston. Hey, you gotta do it.

2) Some people are doing dry January. Some people are doing veganuary. Some absolute keeners are doing both. Our punishment of choice is RED January, which translates as Run Every Day January. It’s all to raise money for Mind so it’s a great cause, but also this: we’re actually enjoying it. Yup. You have permission to hate us.


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 18.50.51

3) Which brings us conveniently to our next point. Running every day requires A LOT of washing and the one thing saving us on that front is Alice Liveing’s new workout range at Primark. It’s super cute and totally affordable – we got a whole outfit for under £30 which, let’s face it, will buy you a pair of socks out of the Nike store.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 18.09.20

4) Holidays. The only way to pull yourself out of the dark hole of despair in January is the thought of it NOT being January, and that means getting your next trip booked. We’re currently thinking of Santorini, because, well, just look at that view.

5) Hop on the 90s nostalgia train, because EVERY season of Friends is now on Netflix. Are you ready  for all those “It’s like that episode of Friends when…’ conversations to start up again? We definitely are. See you in 236 episodes’ time.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 19.01.05


What To Buy In The Zara Sale

By Elle.

Warning: do not be lured into an actual Zara store during sale season. Walk right past those big red signs in the windows and spend your lunch hour doing something less soul-destroying; like adding up the calories in your Boots meal deal. Earlier this week I did not heed my own advice and ended up in what I can only describe as something akin to the pits of hell.

The air conditioning was broken. So they’d hired portable units which were inexplicably pumping out HOT AIR. The queue was so long it merged with the one for the fitting rooms. There was shit everywhere, and yet about three nonchalant sales assistants manning the entire store.

So, do yourself a favour and buy yourself something nice online. Here’s what I’m eyeing up:


jacket 39.99

£39.99 (was £59.99)

Every wardrobe needs a black biker jacket. Mine already has one. But this is, like, cooler. It’d look so good with a little going-out dress and ankle boots.


dress 19.99

£19.99 (was £29.99)

I’ve gone a bit mental for frilled sleeves recently. They’re strangely flattering — perhaps because they skew your proportions and make everything else look smaller? For twenty quid, this little beaut will do nicely for work, or after-work drinks.



£12.99 (was £19.99)

I’m addicted to leopard print skirts. I have four and this one is destined to be my fifth. I need it to wear with the biker jacket anyway.



£15.99 (was £25.99)

Here I go with my flouncy sleeves again, but this little knit is the perfect weekend staple – throw on with black skinny jeans and Gazelles and pretend you’re a Parisian blogger.

Annoyingly, a few of the things I’d seen in-store have sold out online, so I might just have brave another visit after all…

Where To Shop When You’ve Exhausted ASOS…

By Elle.

Trust me, it’s possible. Just yesterday, I tirelessly scrolled through 1,456 dress results only to be left bereft with nothing but a wasted lunch hour to show for it. Here are some alternatives to bookmark under ‘emergency backup’ immediately…

Stradivarius sits under the Indetix umbrella, like Zara — always a good sign. I particularly rate their shoes and bags, but they also do a good line in basics like skinny trousers. Just don’t get upset when you discover a size 12 is called an xxxxxxxxl or something equally ridiculous.

Must buy: Slip-on loafers, £25.99


If, like me, you’re yet to cave and jump on the loafer bandwagon, these might just change your mind. I’m a sucker for a stud, and these avoid looking like a really shit Gucci tribute act.

Ok, so P&B is also under Indetix. I’d say their vibe is a bit more casual ­­— so not my first-stop for night-out attire, but great for outwear and holiday bits. Comparable with H&M price-wise, so good for pre-payday pick-me-ups.

 Must buy: Trench coat, £59.99

pull and bear

I think I’ve just found the trench I’ve been searching for since birth*. It’s the perfect shade of non-yellowy beige. The lapels aren’t too big. The sleeves are tapered. Bonus points for the styling here as it’s made me want the whole outfit.

*Well, near-enough.

Oh FFS. Bershka is also Indetix?! Anyway. It’s also another shop that’s yet to really cement itself in the UK outwith its London stores, so the website definitely comes in handy.

Must buy: Dress, £12.59


If you don’t buy this dress immediately, you are an idiot. In fact, you should probably buy two. Cost per wear will work out at approximately 0.000000000000000000007p.

I hope this has helped you continue to alleviate the stresses of life by buying shit you don’t need online.

Falling In Love With Christmas Again

By Riley.

As I’ve grown older I’ve found that actually, I’m not overly bothered about Christmas. The red/green colour combo is down there with my least favourites and the modern fluorescent purple take on proceedings makes me wish for testicles just so I can protest dramatically that the latter makes them recoil up into my stomach.

That being said – I don’t turn into a prick. I buy my gifts, I do the cards (read: write the cards and never post them), and I pretend that eating your last meal of the day at 3pm is a totally normal thing to do.

All things considered, I was a tough critic walking into the Not On The High Street Christmas show a couple of months back. Not only had I walked through the baking London sunshine to get to the venue, I found no comfort in reaching the tinsel at the end of the tunnel.

Then I walked in.

I don’t know if they’d slipped something in the welcome smoothie or if they’d just finally opened my eyes to what Christmas could be, but all of a sudden I was snapping my favourite parts of the room, taking notes of certain gifts that I knew would be perfect for nearest and dearest, and, well, not hating it. Who says I can’t have pineapple plates and gold cutlery on Christmas Day?!

I’ve no doubt that even the least enthusiastic Christmas shopper can find something they love on www.notonthehighstreet.com this year. Don’t believe me? Just imagine my 83-year-old gran loving life in this festive sweater…


Of Life & Lemons, £27.99

I rest my case. Not On The High Street – this is the start of something beautiful.